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برنامج تحويل ايقاعات جميع الاورغات Style Works XT Universal v3.09 + patch
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الموضوع: برنامج تحويل ايقاعات جميع الاورغات Style Works XT Universal v3.09 + patch

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    ضيف عزيز مكرم
    تاريخ التسجيل
    Dec 2009

    برنامج تحويل ايقاعات جميع الاورغات Style Works XT Universal v3.09 + patch

    برنامج تحويل ايقاعات جميع الاورغات Style Works XT Universal v3.09 + patch

    Style Works XT Universal v3.09 + patch

    EMC Style Works XT

    These are the most important features of our programs:

    Style Converter - for the conversion of other keyboards' styles for your instrument; you get access to all styles on the market, even to those which were not produced for your instrument.

    Song to Style Converter - for the creation of styles from midifiles; you miss a suitable accompaniment pattern for a specific song? No problem - load the song midifile into the Song to Style Converter and "cut" the rhythm from the song data.

    Style Editor - for fast and efficient modification of your style data. Alter volumes, sound assignments and transpositions, even for several tracks at once.

    Import/Export module - here you can create a midifile from any style. So you may now use all the sophisticated functions of your sequencer program even when editing styles, just as if it was a GM song.

    Here you can convert other keyboards' styles into the format of your instrument. The style structure will be completely transferred, sounds and drum map will be recalculated as well. Simply select a source format, click the desired style and the conversion will be executed immediately, then save the result to disk. You can affect the conversion by selecting various options (depending on source and destination format).
    You can even convert entire folders with styles in one operation

    The following formats can be read
    -- Keyboards --
    Technics KN800/770, 1000/750, 2000/1200/901, 3000/3500/1500/920, 5000, 6000/6500, 7000
    Roland E-66/86/96/RA-95, E-600/500/300/KR-570, G-800/600 RA-800, G-1000/EM-2000, VA-76/7/5, EXR-series, G-70, E-80/60/50, GW-8, Prelude, Atelier organs
    Korg i1-i5 series, ix300, i30-i50 series, Pa80/60/50, Pa1X/Pro, Pa800, Pa2X
    GEM WS2/400, WX2/400, WK2/3 4/6/8, Genesys/Pro
    Wersi Pegasus/Performer/PhonX ("alt" and "+"-series), Golden Gate, OAS-System (Abacus etc.)
    Solton MS 3/4/5, MS 40/50/60/100 Ketron X1/X4, SD1, XD3/XD9, Midjay, SD5
    Yamaha SFF kompatible (Tyros/2, PSR-9000/740/640 ... 8000/7000/730/630 etc., CLP)
    Kawai Z 1000, CP Piano series

    Of course you can listen to the result in the Play Style module first or even modify the new style in the Style Editor. You may set your own part assign map as well.

    The Song to Style Converter

    The single versions (e.g. Style Works XT Yamaha, Style Works XT Roland) provide working in the format of the relevant manufacturer, i.e. you can convert the styles of almost any other keyboard to e.g. Yamaha and create styles from midifiles for Yamha.
    Style Works XT Universal is nothing less then the summary of all 8 single programs into one and provids conversion between all formats and the creation of styles from midifiles in all formats.

    Single versions are available for:
    Technics * Roland * Korg * Solton * Yamaha * Wersi * Generalmusic * Kawai

    The main functions are practically the same in all versions, so the subsequent description will be valid for any of the programs

    Main page of Style Works XT Universal:

    Here you can create a style from a midifile easily. When loading the midi data the tracks will be automatically separated into the categories DRUMS, BASS, CHORD, PAD and MELODY (by criteria like note length, number and polyphony). Then Style Works will set a start bar will for each style part automatically. Of course you can do this manually as well, i.e. for each part you can define which section of the song will become which style part (e.g. Intro will be taken from bar 1 -9, Variation 1 from 10 with a length of 4 bars etc.). By clicking the button showing the part name you can listen to new style part as if you would play it in C on your keyboard.
    An important setting is the Part type parameter.
    - Neutral: all chord changes will be removed and you will get a part for universal use (normally the best setting for the "main parts", i.e. "Variation", "Main", "Arrangement" etc.
    - Playback: the original chord settings are being maintained, only a general transposition is being executed in order to adapt the part to the basic key of C. This is the standard setting for Intros, Fills and Endings.

    By clicking the relevant "Detaills" button you get into this part's Part Editor where you can set various parameters for each track and make use of further efficient tools in order to make the result perfect.

    In the Style Editor you can modify your styles no matter if the style is an original one from your keyboard, has been converted or created from a midifile.
    Depending on the structure of the instrument you will always find the matching tracks grouped on one page (e.g. all Intros of a Yamaha Tyros style). Modifications can be executed even for several tracks or several parts at one time (e.g. for all bass tracks in all style parts).

    What can be modified?

    Level "Parts":
    Style Parts can be copied, swapped or deleted. Further you can alter the length of a style part (what is impossible with most keyboards) .

    Level "Tracks":
    These parameters can be modified for each track individually:
    - sound assignment, velocity, octave, quantize, shift (time axis)
    - all control events like Volume, Expression, Reverb etc (if available in the relevant style format)
    - device specific parameters (e.g. the CASM parameters of the Yamaha Style File Format)
    - tracks can be copied, swapped and deleted
    - Editor for modifying of single events (Event List).

    By using this module you can work with all the comprehensive functions of your sequencer program when editing or recording styles. Export your style first, execute the desired changes and then import it again to a any part of your style.
    Choose whether to save (or load) just style parts as single midifile/s or all parts together in one big midifile.

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    تحيا تونس
    تاريخ التسجيل
    Nov 2007
    برنامج تحويل ايقاعات جميع الاورغات Style Works XT Universal v3.09 + patch

    Style Works XT Universal v3.09 + patch

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    كبير الاداريين
    تاريخ التسجيل
    Nov 2007
    تونس الخضراء

    برنامج تحويل ايقاعات جميع الاورغات Style Works XT Universal v3.09 + patch

    برنامج تحويل ايقاعات جميع الاورغات Style Works XT Universal v3.09 + patch
    برنامج تحويل ايقاعات جميع الاورغات Style Works XT Universal v3.09 + patch
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    تاريخ التسجيل
    Dec 2009

    برنامج تحويل ايقاعات جميع الاورغات Style Works XT Universal v3.09 + patch

    برنامج تحويل ايقاعات جميع الاورغات Style Works XT Universal v3.09 + patch

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    برنامج تحويل ايقاعات جميع الاورغات Style Works XT Universal v3.09 + patch

    برنامج تحويل ايقاعات جميع الاورغات Style Works XT Universal v3.09 + patch
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